chdr with intermediar's best office buildings 2014

The new office for the Center for Human Drug Research (CHDR) belongs to the three buildings that stand out in the election of the best office building 2014, which is organized by magazine Intermediair. Accompanied by a motivated choice, readers could nominate their favorite office building. An expert jury then visited and judged the most mentioned buildings. The ideal office, as it turned out, has lots of daylight incidence, is generously laid out, offers a lot of different types of work places, is sustainably constructed and inspires the people that use it. Among the criteria of the expert jury were the quality of the work places, the quality of the building as a whole and the relation between the concept and the organization. Other aspects such as sustainability, costs and implementation have also been taken into account. "A great design that supports a creative and multidisciplinary work method like no other building," mentioned one of the CHDR staff members about the property. "Bull's eye, regarding the architecture as well as the functionality," wrote another. The explicit appreciation of the jury includes the incidence of daylight, the clever construction and the striking attention to details. More on the election of the best office building 2014 can be found on the website of Intermediair. Earlier this year, the CHDR already won the Jury Prize of the Leiden Architecture Prize.