cepezed keynote on the big conference on transformation and renovation

cepezed-partner Ronald Schleurholts will be one of the keynote speakers on The Big Conference on Transformation and Renovation, taking place on June 24th in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven's Strijp S area and organized by Architectenweb. The conference is completely dedicated to the current construction challenge of revitalising outdated, obsolete and unoccupied buildings of all sorts, in many cases with new functions. It has a full and variegated programme covering a lot of different aspects of transformations and renovations. By means of a.o. the transformation of the former Shell-building in The Hague into an appartment complex and the redo of the former Helmond cacao factory into a hip cultural center, Schleurholts will extensively discuss cepezed's specific approach in this type of assignments.