cepezed designs shenzhen car experience center

cepezed will design a new car experience center that will arise in Longgang, part of Shenzhen city, China. Last week, the office landed a contract for this assignment. The building will be situated in the area where the 2011 Unviversiade took place and is an integral part of the redevelopment hereof. It will function as a sales center, but is directed towards awareness regarding sustainable car use as well. Therefore, the occupant will reserve a lot of space for new possibilities and techniques in the automotive industry.

The car center measures some 3.500 m2 and internally consists of combined circular routes for both cars. The austere-designed and slanting facade incorporates different degrees of openness and transparency and consitsts of glass, horizontal strips and minimally detailed, laser-cut composite of a light hue, which is partly dubble curved. At the top, the center holds a skybar with a wide vista of both the surroundings and the building's interior. On the northside hereof, the transparent facade fluently transforms into a roof light providing the cars inside with an abundance of daylight.