in detail with best dutch book designs 2013

in detail, the latest publication in the series the work of cepezed, has been selected by Stichting De Best Verzorgde Boeken as one of the best Dutch book designs of 2013.

Fully published in vigorous black and white and by means of photographs, drawings and extensive descriptions, the publication elaborately discusses the architectural detail, which cepezed considers an essential part of every design - and detailing consequently as an integral component of the design proces. The office strives for clear, well thought-out and visually attractive details that are closely linked to the overall concept of buildings. The Reynoud Homan and Robbert Zweegman-designed book in detail was organized and drawn up with corresponding efforts. Selection with the best Dutch book designs of 2013 is a beautiful confirmation that this intention has succeeded. 

Later this year, the best Dutch book designs of 2013 will be on view during several international exhibitions, including one in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. A catalogue on the designs will attend the exhibitions.