vote for the new westland townhall!!

Between April 6th and 20th, all inhabitants over eighteen of the Westland municipality can communicate their preferences regarding the architect of the new Westland town hall in Naaldwijk. To do this, all voters will receive a folder with information about the preselected designs and a reply card which can be returned by mail or can be used to cast a digital ballot over the internet. Don’t let this chance pass you by and vote!

The cepezed-design is comprised of four interconnected, drop-shaped construction wings enfolded by a transparent skin alongside the Verdilaan. In combination with the wings, the skin constitutes a large, open hallway. Alongside the Verdilaan, the building is higher than on the side of the old village. Here, the building forms a continuation of the public space, which lends the town hall a high approachability and accessibility. On the side of the old village, the construction is lower and provided with an outdoor water garden and promenade. Thus, the new town hall fits its surroundings in a natural manner and establishes an unconstrained scale shift between the low construction on the one side and the future high rise on the other.

cepezeds town hall is provided with open, transparent and inviting looks. It does not emphasize its own mass or volume and has a high sojourn quality. All political, administrative and public functions, from the Historic Archives and the council chamber to the wedding room and political party rooms, are housed in the inner two construction wings. The offices for the civil servants are largely located in the outer two wings. In the heart of the building, a large public plaza which can be flexibly programmed with e.g. exhibitions, festive gatherings or panel discussions is situated on top of the Historical Archives. Much attention has been paid to a sustainable, comfortable climate. Furthermore, the new town hall holds eye-catching plants and green applications that reflect the identity of the Westland. “Most of all, the cepezed town hall is a town hall for all of the Westland and all of Westland’s inhabitants”, say cepezed project architects Jan Pesman and Ronald Schleurholts. “For both the citizens and the municipality, the building is a fine place to show and decide who and what Westland is and wants to be.”

The models of the preselected designs will be presented during information sessions in the Old Church at the Wilhelminaplein in Naaldwijk on Saturday April 11th from 13.00 to 16.00 hours and on Thursday April 16th from 19.00 to 21.00 hours.