danone 4th in top 10 most sustainable breeam buildings

The cepezed-designed research and office building for Danone Nutricia in Utrecht holds the fourth position in the top ten of most sustainable realised projects as composed by the Dutch Green Building Council. With a score of 75,83%, both the design and the completed project received a four star BREEAM Excellent certificate.

The construction is sustainable in multidimensional aspects. For one, it is fully flexible in its use and arrangement. Offices can easily be transformed into laboratories and the other way round. Moreover, the strategic access possibilities of the different building sections fully allow for future multi tenant use. The high window strips guarantee a high degree of insulation as well as an abundance of daylight incidence limiting the need for artificial lighting. They also include panes that can be opened for natural ventilation. The use of high-grade, long-lasting and easily replacable construction components as well as a balanced sojourn quality with among other things long sightlines and a climate that can individually be adjusted, also importantly add to the high score. The complete top ten can be found on the site of the Dutch Green Building Council.