cepezed designs upgrade van doorenveste hanzehogeschool

cepezed designs the upgrade of the Van DoorenVeste of the Hanzehogeschool Groningen. After years of intensive use, the educational building stemming from the 1990's and situated on the university complex in the northern part of Groningen was in need of a brushup and adjustments to contemporary requirements and user demands. Among other things, the upgrade is directed towards a better visibility of the different study branches from clusters such as Architecture, Construction & Civil Engineering, the Institute for Engineering, Life Sciences & Technology and Communication, Media & IT. 

The interventions, which will bring more light, air and space into the building - and in doing so a more open atmosphere as well - also aim at stimulating more encounters and interaction between the different users. Moreover, the operation aspire a more flexible type of use, in which teachers for example no longer each have their own separate rooms, less lectures take place and educational content is more structured in thematic workshops held in open study landscapes. The complex will also be expanded with a 250 m2 laboratory.