cepezed on labtechnology trade exhibition

On Wednesday November 6 at 14.00 hours, cepezed-architect Paddy Sieuwerts will talk about designing and furnishing laboratories, during the trade exhibition Labtechnology 2013. This event will take place on November 6 and 7 in Hall 5 of the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, where Sieuwerts will lecture in room 2. During Labtechnology, a wide variety of participants will show innovative technology and products, while the conference schedule is filled with speakers from diverse branches of the trade.

The subject of Sieuwerts presentation is the contribution a typical outsider like an architect can make in the realization of laboratories which are both functional and agreeable to work in regarding a wide range of aspects. As it turns out, the added value of the architect is to be found in one of his main competences, his capability to structure. The characteristic features of the user organization, the physical surroundings, the work processes and any variety of preconditions all play an important role in this. Sieuwerts, who designed laboratories for among others Danone/Nutricia and DSM, shows how even small tilts of perception can sometimes result in important shifts in the way of structuring and using laboratories. More information on Meer informatie over Labtechnology 2013 can be found through labtechnology.nl