cepezed transforms shell office the hague into high-quality appartment complex

cepezed will transform the former Shell office at the Oostduinlaan in The Hague into an appartment complex with high-grade dwellings and facilities. The project was assigned by Pinnacle Property Developers, which chose cepezed over five ohter architectural offices during a design competition.  

cepezed primarily distinguished itself by means of a method rendering high quality appartments through an approach starting from the inside of the building and utilizing the existing characteristics like the fine-meshed and flexible stability structure as much as possible. Optimal reuse of the existent qualities efficiently and effectively enables the realization of maximum possibilities with a minimum of interventions, while the specific characteristics of the complex remain respected.    

The converted former office block will contain different types of apartments of various sizes and price ranges. The plinth of the complex will hold a number of facilities still to be determined, which can serve both the residents and the neighbourhood. 

The transformation is also importantly directed towards an upgrade of the surrounding grounds. An extra parking layer will be realized and through intensifying the green elements, a strong experience of "living in the park" will be created. Also, the relation and connction with the adjacent park Oostduin/Arendsdorp will be enhanced.