opening innovation centre danone nutricia

On the Science Park Utrecht, the cepezed-designed new research centre for Danone Nutricia officially opened yesterday in the presence of minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs. 

After a show with a lot of music and dance, CEO Frank Riboud performed the opening ceremony, during wich a large banner with the name and logo of (Danone) Nutricia was drawn.

In the new buidling, the nutrition company concentrates its international reseach in the fields of medical and baby nutrition. At least 400 people will work in the centre. One of the reasons for settling in the Netherlands is the available innovation knowledge, which functions as a strong catalyst for foreign investments in knwoledge intensive research fields at the moment. Shortly, the construction for the new KWR Water Cycle Research Institute in Nieuwegein will commence. The office also designs new laboratories for the DSM-location Delft.