hoogste punt cacaofabriek gevierd

With hoisting the Helmond flag, among other things, the Helmond municipality, the construction team, the future users and other parties involved have celebrated that the transformation of the Helmond Cacaofabriek has topped out. Reaching this point in the process also marks that all main outlines of the historical heritage transformation have been realized: all adjustments to the existing structure have been completed, just like all new (stability) constructions, including that of the new roof, which restores the old mill's original contours after decades. The highest point though, is the flat roof of a new building volume that will be used by the creative industries and has been erected behind a preserved historical facade.     

Before completion of the project by the end of this year, there is still a lot to be done. The new roof construction  needs to be covered and the installation techniques as well as all build-in components need to be installed. Also, the finishing and fitting out of the complex are still on the to do list. The team is working hard on all of these aspects, so that Helmond can use its new cultural hotspot by the beginning of 2014.