brussels environment topped out

The cepezed-designed new headquarters for Brussels Environment has topped out! Brussels Environment is the governmental authority in the field of sustainability in the Brussels-Capital Region and its own accommodation has to function as a high-flying national and international example in this field. Therefore, it has been designed according to the norms of passive building. Also, the design  resulted in a BREEAM sustainability certificate with the qualification Excellent.

The façades have a relatively small surface area and are well insulated, partly as a result of the triple-glazing in a thermally interrupted façade system. The glass offers good sun-resistance in the summer and is combined with external sunbreakers that react to heat load. Individual cavity adjustments to the façades also help prevent overheating in the summer. A minimum of mechanical ventilation and concrete core activation in the floors, connected to warmth and cold storage in the ground, also ensure that the building satisfies the passive criteria. The atrium plays an important role in the technical-installations concept, in as much as the heat that it absorbs is reused. It also makes an important contribution to the transparency of the building.

Completion of the construction is planned for the first quarter of 2014.