new premises chdr officially occupied and nominated

The cepezed-designed new premises of the Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR) at the Zernikedreef in Leiden has recently officially been occupied. The company moves into its new accommodation in the same year that it also celebrates its 25-year anniversary. For a large share of that period, the enterprise operated from a cepezed-designed building as well: halfway the 1990's cepezed already designed another quarters for the organization, which tests the (side) effects of medication. After an interim expansion, the CHDR eventually grew out of that, however. Adjoining the former building, a new one has now been erected, which not only offers more space, but is also completely designed for new ways of cooperation imperative to the research of new medicaments. The opening was performed by the mayor of Leiden, drs. Henri Lenferink. The premises are situated on the Leiden Bio Science Park, where cepezed also realized a number of other constructions for phamaceutical and biotechnological companies. For June 12th, the RAP Architecture Centre Leiden has programmed an evening with lectures on projects that have been nominated for the Leiden Architecture Prize 2013. The new CHDR is one of these.