cepezed publishes "in detail"

In architecture, the detail seldom gets the attention it deserves. Connections are often unsystematic junctions of materials that are hidden from view by additional devices. The architects of cepezed, however, consider the detail an essential part of every design and therefore detailing as an integral part of the design process. Indeed clear, well-considered and visually attractive details are a crucial characteristic of cepezed’s ingenious architecture, which is surprisingly natural and human.

About cepezed's attention to detail, the publication In detail will now be released. Next to an introductory essay, this book presents unique details in an extensive selection of cepezed projects and discusses their place and significance within the overall design. In detail will be released shortly and will be available through the architecture book shops as well as the website of NAi Booksellers.

280 pages
dutch version:
isbn 978 94 6208 060 7
english version:
isbn 978 94 6208 061 4