westraven nominated for the dutch construction award 2009

Westraven has again been nominated again for a major construction prize, the Dutch Construction Prize 2009. The project is up for the award in the category 'Buildings'.

The jury assesses Westraven as a fascinating building with complete comfort for the user.
This building is sustainable on all fronts, which is very much appreciated by the jury. A huge investment to revitalize this building has been made. The redefinition of the building has been brought about in an exemplary manner. In combination with the new construction, it is an exquisite renovation. The fully renewed building is a brilliant beacon in the complex urban environment. Because of its careful elaboration and the characteristic materialisation of the facades, it has a genuinely unique appearance. The building exudes progress and transparency to all sides. It is an example of how the existing office stock can be reinterpreted.

The tenth Dutch Construction Award will be presented during the Gala of Dutch Construction on Wednesday February 11th, 2009. This occasion occurs in the midst of the International Construction Exhibition 2009.