cepezed designs gymnasium regio college zaandam

In cooperation with IMd consulting engineers and moBius consult, cepezed designs the new gymnasium of the Regio College Zaanstreek en Waterland, location Zaandam. The designteam mainly aims at a pleasant and user agreeable sports facility. During the preliminary design, a lot of attention has been paid to the functionality, the contextual urban development and the climatical and construction physical aspects of the sports hall. Also, the team already anticipated a fast and efficient construction within the budgetary conditions.

The gymnasium will be erected between two existing educational buildings. Because the volume will be constructed raised from the ground level, there will be ample possibilities for parking beneath. The construction will receive abundant natural lighting through a transparant strip in the plint of the volume, as well as light streets in the roof. The air-treatment is connected with sensors which among other things measure the temperature and the CO2-values, thus ensuring a sustainably controlled, optimally comfortable climate at any given time.

cepezed architects, stability engineer Rob Stark of IMd and consultancy in the fields of installation techniques and construction physics moBius have intensively cooperated before on various projects and in different combinations. Together, they make a strong and thorough total engineering team that can realize a project like this fast and well-considered.