team with cepezed wins renovation state office de resident

The multidisciplinary design team including cepezed architects, HofmanDujardin Architects and Oranjewoud engineers has been selected to bring about the reoganisation of office complex De Resident in The Hague. Amog other elements, the complex consists of the buildings Castalia and Helicon, respectively counting twenty and fourteen storeys. The overall gfo measures some 55.000 m2. After the renovation, the complex will house the ministries of Public Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS) and Social Affairs and Employment (SZW), the former of which has already been residing in Castalia for years. The reorganisation of the buildings is directed towards different goals, including the facilitation of different working styles and methods using contemporary office concepts. Additionally, the lower floors will accommodate general state office functions such as meeting places, temporary work places and conference rooms. The public space between Helicon and Castalia, the current Parnassusplein, will be roofed over and will come to function as the mutual, semi-public entrance area for both ministerial departments, among other things provided with a public café, a reception and waiting space.