cepezed designs depot eye film museum

cepezed will design a new depot for the recently realized EYE film museum on the north bank of the IJ. On December 21, just before the Christmas holidays, directors   Sandra den Hamer of EYE and Arjen Pels Rijcken of developer WAD signed a long-term lease for a depot to be newly constructed, which will also house the restauration and conservation activities of the film institute, as well as the collections of several other cultural heritage institutions. This not only ends a long period of time in which these specific museum activities were scattered over several unsatisfactorty locations, it also generates a breeding ground for a productive cooperation between the diverse cultural organisations. With its developments, WAD focusses fully on high-quality, well-conditioned storage for sharp-priced rents. cepezed and WAD have already been collaborating on suitable concepts for a number of years.