cepezed competes for nobel center

The organisation behind the yearly awarded Nobel Prizes has started an architectural competition for the design of a some 25.000 sqm Nobel Center in the heart of the Swedish capital Stockholm. cepezed is participating in the competition, which is open only for offices invited.  

After long years, the organisation will finally get its own residence with the foundation of the Nobel Center, which among other things will house the Nobel Museum currently housed elsewhere, next to an additional programme for information, education and knowledge exchange. The center will of course also be provided with  ceremonial space for the yearly prize-giving ceremony, which currently still takes place in Stockholm's Concert Hall. The building will be erected on a plot at the Blasieholmen made available by the municipality and situated in the direct vicinity of the National Museum,  will have to reflect the spirit of the Nobel-organisation in all aspects and underline the importance of Stockholm and Sweden as respectively the home town and home land of the Nobel Prizes.

From the presentations of more than 140 offices stemming from 25 countries on four continents, the organization now selects ten to twelve candidates who may submit a preliminary design in the next round.