freeformglass wins innovation award

With the Freeformglass that cepezed apllied in its Jinso-pavilion in Amsterdam and the ESTEC-building in Noordwijk, Moerkapelle-based BRS Building Systems has recently won the Innovation Award 2012.

Freeformglass is a solution for curved glass constructions in which the glass is cold-bent, whilst retaining all optical qualities. Thus, heating and/or moulding are superfluous, which renders the system very affordable.

cepezed is an early applier of the Freeformglass. In the meantime, BRS continues further development of the product, raising its sustainability standards along the way; by now, the first projects with triple cold-bent glass are being realized and the integration of solar cells into the laminated glass is also one of the possibilities.

cepezed's Jinso-pavilion in Amsterdam is prominent in the Freeformglass promo film, which you can view on this page as well.