cepezed designs masterplan sontplein groningen

cepezed has been assigned to create a masterplan for the Sontplein in Groningen. 

This area for large-scale peripheral retail on the southeast side of the city center is designated to evolve into a prominent and eagerly-visited location. To achieve this however, it has to reckon with a number of combined difficulties which impede an optimal functioning and performance.      

The overall experience, for example, is limited and outdated. Also, the area has an introverted manifestation, is troubled by by a muddled orientation, and suffers from a lack of coherence. The parking facilities are scattered as well, while the routes and infrastructure for cars as well as cyclists and pedestrians are problematic and incongruous. 

The masterplan for the renewed Sontplein offers solutions for all these aspects and will define the framework for further development of the basic structure, identity, sojourn quality and experience of the area, as well as for the branching, logistics, traffic and parking. A first draft for the plan will be formulated by the end of 2012.