health care property conference november 30

Friday November 30, the former Techniekmuseum in Delft is the location of a mini conference on IQ per m2: better performance of health care property.

At this juncture, the demands regarding health care as well as the organisation and housing of health care have changed and are still changing. A new design philosophy better dovetails the requirements of a dynamic commercial playing field. Moreover, an integral and creative design process based on the development of commercial real estate minimizes both the financial and organisational pressure during the design, the construction and the exploitation.

The session is organised by the desing consortium +ACDC, which is named after the participating partners: the engineering consultancy agencies ABT and Deerns, cepezed architects and the cure+Care consultancy in the field of health care property. The + in the name refers to both the internationally identifiably symbol for care and the added value the collaboration offers from an integral perspective on health care property.

Participants will be personally approached. For more information on the congress, you can contact Mrs. Sandra Dijkstra through