breeam excellent for leefmilieu brussel

cepezed's design for the new premises of Brussels Environment, the regional government authority regarding sustainabilitiy, has been distinguished with the BREEAM-certificate Excellent. High scores have been achieved for among other things the sustainable use of materials, the use of sustainable energy sources, the energy-saving lighting, the high degree of the facade insulation and the high degree of daylight incidence.

At the moment, the new building is constructed in one of the largest and most important urban renewal areas of the Belgian capital, the Tour & Taxis site of developer T&T at the Havenlaan; facing the large-scale, historical structures of the Royal Warehouse and the Shed-halls, which have been renovated over the last years and now house offices, restaurants, design retail, cultural events and so on. In view of the fact that Brussels Environment issues decrees on ambitious sustainability policies, its own accomodation ought to function as a high-flying national and international example.

Mede gezien de gebruiker gelden specifiek hoge normen ten aanzien van de ecologie en duurzaamheid van het pand.