cepezed goes korea

Associated architect Ronald Schleurholts of cepezed participated in the 2008 Korea-Netherlands Architecture Exchange in Seoul. On June the 4th and 5th, there were programs at the department of architecture and the Dutch embassy in Seoul. The exchange was devoted to the theme sustainability and was organized by the Netherlands Architecture Institute and sponsored by the Dutch embassy and the Netherlands Architecture Fund. Besides Ronald Schleurholts, a.o. Césare Peeren of 2012 Architects and Prof. Jouke Post of the Technical University in Eindhoven held lectures from Dutch side. The Berlage Institue also made a contribution. From Korean side, there were readings by several architecture professors as Myoung-Seok Yeo and Seunghoy Kim and architect JungGoo Chu of Guga Architecture & Urban Research. A lot of similarities in approach and awareness emerged between the two countries regarding the topic of sustainability. Among other things, various construction methods were discussed, but also the ways buildings are being used and climatized were examined. Particularly regarding the latter subject, there is still a lot to be gained for both countries, but especially for Korea.